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Black w/ White X 18-Gauge Cloth-Covered Round Pulley Cord $1/ft (300V AC max; Not for Use As Extension Cord)

Black with White X pattern braided lighting cord.

We believe our wire is the highest quality cloth covered wire available anywhere. We're the only cloth-covered wire provider with pending patents on the braiding designs.

Our cloth covered cord is round pulley cord that hangs straighter, bends more evenly and strips faster. It's more flexible than any other SVT wire we've found because it is custom made for us in the USA at a softness unmatched by any other supplier.

The cord is a versatile multi-use cord that adheres to UL specifications for braided wire. Our extra-soft durometer of less than 80 combined with 41-strand conductors achieve higher flexibility, better for a broader range of use. This cord is ideal for hanging lightweight pendants with minimal or no coil response and lays flatter for use with table and floor lamps. It's also easier to work with if you're wiring lamps or low-voltage appliances.**

Put simply, no other company offers a product made in America at this quality, and no other company offers custom colors and patterns.


Price shown is per-foot price up to 500 feet.


For orders of 500' or more, please contact us directly: and we will email you a discount code for your purchase.


Price by Length

0'-500' $1/ft

501-5000' $0.89/ft

5001-20000' $0.79/ft

20001-50000' $0.75/ft


Woven Covering

We use 50 year old cast iron machines to weave cotton thread over the cord in 23 colors and two weaves giving us total flexibility to weave nearly infinite colors and patterns.


Custom Orders

Custom orders are available in lengths of 1,000 ft or greater with a one-time setup fee of $25. We require a custom-order agreement to be signed and payment upfront. We will upload images of the pattern prior to manufacturing and orders cannot be refunded once the wire has been woven.  We accept custom orders in either checkerboard or herringbone styles and will work with you to be sure you receive the color and design you want.



  • 18 AWG 3-Conductor SVT Wire rated to 300V at 105Celsius
  • Recommended not to exceed 6AMP (120watt) capacity per UL specifications
  • Paper filler for separating jacket from conductors is easier to clip and tear when stripping
  • Each conductor contains 41 strands of 34AWG copper
  • Conductor colors: Black, White, Green
  • Jacket is 72 durometer (softness; lower is softer) for flexibility
  • Wire O.D is 0.26" (6.6mm) w/o weave; .3125" (7.93mm) w/ weave +/-.05"
  • UL/CSA FT-2 flame tested with Good Results
  • We are the only UL-Listed woven cotton specialty cord supplier in the USA


Cord can be used as 2-conductor cord by clipping the green (ground) conductor and using the black (hot) and white (neutral) conductors connected to your wiring terminals. 

We recommend wrapping the weave after stripping using UL-approved adhesive electrical tape and only attaching the wire to electrical attachments that are UL approved.

If something is out of stock, we'll bring it in again right away. Typical lead time is 2 weeks on out of stock items. In-stock items ship immediately with payment confirmation.

**18 gauge SVT cord has a maximum ampacity of 6amps (720 watts) and is not meant to be used as an electrical extension cord. Be sure to check with a licensed electrician if you are uncertain of your specific rating requirement.

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