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How To Make Your Idea Happen

April 14, 2014


It felt great participating in MSNBC's Your Business segment on "Makers". 


This is a big week for us. We expect the results of the Underwriter's Laboratories testing on Thursday, we're receiving the first large batch of our custom-made wire, and we're preparing for national distribution.


But it's been a long road with a lot of ups and downs until here.


Prior to Conway Electric I spent 10 years helping turn around and build companies. There is a level of security in a job in which you know where you'll be tomorrow, what you'll get paid on Friday and the parameters within which you can work.


When you start something there are a lot of questions. Especially: "Will anyone care?" Things always take longer than expected and it's hard to know if what you're doing right now is what you should be doing.


But starting something can be rewarding when it is accepted and thrives in the marketplace.


Conway Electric is the result of a lot of frustration I had when dealing with electricity. The extension cord dilemma drove me crazy: they look terrible, you can't set it down on a table without it flopping off, they aren't tamper resistant so they can be dangerous around kids, the plugs are hard to grasp and you can't mount them to surfaces. 


We believe we've solved these problems and created something not only functional and beautiful, but something that gives back: we allocate 1% of sales to a fund that helps pay electric bills for low income families because kids should never go to sleep cold or miss opportunities due to lack of electricity.


We also are committed to keeping our products Made in the USA.


So when we were asked to participate in MSNBC's Your Business it was exciting to see that we're making progress and building something people care about. I hope this segment explains a little of how we are able to quickly move our designs into production without compromising quality, and shows that whatever your idea, the possibilities are endless. 


Thanks for your support and inspiration.

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