Modern Extension Cords & Cloth Covered Wire By Conway Electric

Conway Electric is an American designer and manufacturer of high-quality, fire-resistant extension cords and lighting featuring hidden smart charging and surge protection technology recognized around the world for innovative designs. Choose a collection below to shop now.



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Our Product Promise,

Power strips are a leading cause of fire, so we use heavy fireproof housings made of aluminum and steel, helping prevent electrical fires before they start, which also makes them more functional: they stay where you place them and can be mounted to almost any surface using the integrated mounting holes. We also FT-2 Test our products.
We are the only company using internally tamper-resistant outlets - meaning there are gates inside each electrical opening preventing insertion of unwanted objects like paper clips - in all of our multi-outlet extension cords, to be safer around children.
We design for life. Every product is made of the highest quality components, including cast aluminum, copper, brass, and industrial strength wire, and commercial grade components, finished to the highest standards with woven cotton, precision powder coating and decorative elements like cork and rubber.
 97% of electrical accessory manufacturing jobs have gone overseas while we remain Made in the USA. This keeps our quality at the highest level possible while reinvesting in the community and enabling accelerated prototyping and new product introduction.


"...the greatest significance for the comfort and welfare, not to say for the existence, of the electrical transmission of power." 

- Nikola Tesla 



Electricity Is Dangerous: Why We Care

August 07, 2015

[Power strips are a leading cause of fire] Thomas Edison paid kids to collect dogs and cats so they could be electrocuted in public. He would electrocute them in public to show the dangers of AC current (he was advocating DC current). He lost the fight and AC current  - the dangerous kind - is what is used today (because it can be distributed over long distances). The video below shows an elephant being electrocuted by Thomas Edison. We hate this video.  [we decided not to post this video. you can find it on Youtube] You could have found a better way to get your point across Mr Edison. Point made: Electricity is dangerous.  As adults in the modern world, we've... Continue Reading →

The End Of American Manufacturing? - Part II

May 10, 2015

(The Industrial Machine is still here, it's just hiding in plain sight)   "We don't do that." is a phrase we've heard from hundreds of factories across the United States. It's an answer that is the result of the loss of an entire industry sector and all the jobs associated with it.   Fifty years ago we called it "The Factory Belt" and "The Foundry of The Nation" where today we call it "The Rust Belt". Cities stalled by contraction as manufacturing jobs were lost. Buildings were bulldozed or abandoned. The trained laborers caught in between skills applied for unemployment or left to seek a better opportunity in another city. We know the story.   "American Manufacturing is dead. Long live American Manufacturing."   ... Continue Reading →


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