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Our Inspiration

July 22, 2014

We're inspired by possibilities.


Steel and stone are the medium. Sweat is our currency; we use it to buy dreams.


In casted iron and rolled stainless steel we see the history of opportunity. In a country built on ideas and tempered with competition it's up to us.


We're inspired by the inventors and the leaders and the crazies. The ones who make things happen.


We try, we fail, we try again, and again and again until our knuckles are bare and our denim stained with grease and blood.

The heat doesn't scare us. Fire forges hope. In industry we see beauty. Grinding gears muscling metal.

Hidden secrets live in old bricks placed by hand, one-by-one. Under floorboards in rows held by square nails; work of the time that came before. Housing dreams and building new vision.

The sky is not too high. If the candle keeps burning.


There's only one rule: don't stop.




Do More.


Click here to get Inspired by our friends Casey and Max.


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