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My First Bicycle: The Story Behind Conway Electric

December 10, 2012


 (my first bicycle was this one)


If you are like me, you love good things.

I saved for months, maybe even a couple years, for my first bicycle.

But it wasn't just any bicycle.

I found it in the paper, which I scoured every weekend morning. It was a 1986 chrome and white Quentin Streedancer Pro: front & rear pegs, mag wheels, mushroom grips...it was the nicest thing I owned until that time. It cost me $186 (negotiated down from $212). It was designed for professional bmx trick riders and was an object of covet (indeed it was stolen 18 months later).

Throughout my life I've saved for things of quality. It wasn't about quantity. I've always wanted a few nice things over many mediocre things: shoes, tents, clothing, cars, whatever I owned I wanted to be the best because I didn't have a lot of money growing up and I wanted what I owned to last forever.

Things are gettable. Good things are hard to come by and when you get them you keep them. It doesn't matter if it's a pencil sharpener or a pair of pants.

But you know them when you feel them. They have a weight and a texture. They feel different and last longer. They look better. They work better.

It's the reason we pay $hundreds for shoes with a quality brand. Or why a 1956 Ford Fairlane will always be a classic and a 1994 Ford Taurus never will be.

It's the reason a wool rug from a quality source is expensive and why one piece of furniture from Herman Miller is better than 10 from a discount store.

And that's why Conway Electric was founded: in the world of electricity we found the worst offenders of the cheaper-is-good philosophy and we believe we can do better. We are out to create electricity objects of covet.

So when you plug in to a Conway Electric design, it is an act of pleasure every time and when you see it just sitting there across the room it brings you happiness, like art, a photo or your favorite piece of furniture.

We don't know why the most important technology every harnessed has gone this long without attention or why cheap extension cords have polluted the homes of everyone, but we only have now, so here we are.

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