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Extō Dual-Outlet Ouija Beige 15AMP Max

The Ouija Beige Extō

A more attractive, better functioning extension cord. The Ouija Beige Extō is inspired by street artists. The matte-beige with contrasting purple cord was chosen to pop based on art from Seattle and Milwaukee.

A modular electrical extension that converts to a table lamp using a direct plug bulb socket (not included), the Extō is the only extension cord we know of with internal tamper resistant gates in the outlets, helping prevent shock.

Hand-built in California, Extōs have dual tamper-resistant, three-prong grounded sockets in an industrial cast-aluminum and stainless steel powder-coated housing. The heavy housing is designed to stay where you place it - on almost any surface - so you can place electricity where you need it.

The wire is custom made for our products to be more flexible so it drapes over the edge of a desk or around a corner more easily. Fewer kinks and easier handling. Cotton covered wire is made in the USA by our factory partners. The plug is over-sized rubber for easier grip. The cord is FT-2 Flame tested with good results.  

The outlets face upwards for easy plug/unplug and for accessories such as the lamp conversion kit.

Non-slip, non-marking polyurethane feet keep the Extō in place on a table, counter or other hard surface. The cover is secured with a stainless machine bolt.

Extōs also have four mounting holes on the underside. They can be fix-mounted to almost any surface or the underside of furniture with self-tapping screws (not included).

+ Available in 6' or 12' length

+ 14-gauge industrial power cord rated to 1875 Watts (15AMP)

 + 3-brass-prong, large diameter rubber plug

 + Cast-aluminum housing and stainless steel cover

 + Dual tamper-resistant outlets are Made in the USA

 + Polyurethane feet are slip-resistant and non-marking

 + FT-2 Flame Test With Good Results

 +Packaging is plastic-free corrugate cardboard for strength and recyclability

Every Extō is made in the USA with some imported components and is intended for use indoors with small appliances. If you're not sure which cord rating you need, please consult a professional. 

Patented & Patents Pending

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