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New "3335" The First LED 60W Frosted Flicker-Free Dimmable LED Bulb

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10-year flicker-free led

Conway Electric's 3335 60W LED is the first of its kind bulb we know of that has the performance and quality closest to incandescent bulbs. We wrapped the 6.5W elements in a frosted globe for soft light diffusion removing the harsh brightness of most LED bulbs, while utilizing a circuit platform that evenly converts inbound power to lower voltage used by the diodes. Our bulb is designed at 2700K color temperature for less eye strain. Although we think we've come up with the best bulb in the entire lighting industry. Unlike other LED lamps with fixed illumination, we use an E26 base so you can change or replace the bulb any time with any E26 screw-in bulb you choose.
•   125V FLICKER-FREE dimmable
•   Frosted glass globe for even light diffusion
•   6.5W power consumption / 60W incandescent equivalent
•   2700K color temperature. On the Kelvin scale a lower number is warmer/yellow and higher number is cooler/whiter. 2700K is a softer color for easier reading and less eye strain/fatigue
•   Rated for 10 year life
•   E26 base for use with any standard size socket
•   Compact A15 low-profile size to fit our JAX or Fremont Pendant shades

specifications & Measurements

•   3.25in length (including screw base) x 2in width
•   60 Watt incandescent equivalent
•   600 Lumens Max Output
•   120V compatible
•   E26 base
•   Frosted globe for light diffusion
•   Flicker Free Dimming
•   ETL Listed
•   Imported

5 year factory warranty

All Conway Electric products are covered under a 5-year limited factory warranty for manufacturing defects. Please read the full warranty here.


You have to feel it to believe it. FADE Infinite Dimming is the smoothest innovation in lighting control by Conway Electric and is included on our JAX® and EUGENE lamps. Our goal was to make interacting with our lamps fun so FADE converts familiar scrolling action into an analog form to present the user with an enjoyable, satisfying, responsive interface that feels great. FADE is an ip-pending scrolling dimmer lighting control interface featuring full dimming capability from 0-100%. Paired with our exclusive 3335 FLICKER-FREE 60W LED bulb, the FLICKER-FREE FADE system is the most reliable dimming control we've ever engineered.
•   Solid brass or aluminum heavy scrolling dimmer wheel (depending on lamp model) with smooth rotation
•   Redwing leather or Vegan (synthetic) leather face
•   Compatible with any dimmable E26 bulb up to 150W (incandescent bulbs are compatible but not recommended due to heat output)
•   Scroll to On/Off - Auditory click indicates power on/off
•   IP pending
•   Note: depending on bulb power the dimmer wheel click on/off indicates power on/off. Some bulbs will only need a few rotations, other more powerful bulbs may require more rotations for dimming on/off control. Simply scroll to on/off.



Tired of inconsistent bulb performance from the big LED manufacturers, we sought to create the perfect dimmable LED bulb for use with any of our lights or other E26 sockets in your home or office. A bulb even Nikola Tesla would be proud of, so that's exactly what we did.

Named after Nikola Tesla's New York laboratory at 33-35 South Fifth Street* the 3335™ Dimmable LED scales brightness up or down without flicker, is easier on the eyes, is compatible with any E26 base and is compact size A15 to fit in almost any light fixture while putting out a powerful 60W incandescent equivalent brightness and has an internal engine that converts 120V power to the 6W at very low heat and flicker free.

Made with a warm 2700K color temperature and housed in a glare-cancelling frosted globe to increase light diffusion while reducing eye fatigue and hot-spotting, the 3335 warm color temperature is also ideal for morning or night illumination.

A 3335 60W equivalent LED is included with any JAX® or EUGENE™ lamp and works perfectly with the Fremont and Portland Pendants.


*33-35 South Fifth Avenue became 537-539 West Broadway and is currently LaGuardia Place, the specific location is at this google map link.