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New! Martha Blue Extō - A Modern Dual-Tamper-Resistant Outlet, 15-AMP Extension Cord

The Martha Blue Extō

The Extō+2 is a more attractive, better functioning extension cord.

The Martha Blue Extō is inspired by a lake house on Lake Michigan and the harbor nearby with a sailboat that had a powder blue hull and an orange-tinged spinnaker. We refined this design using matte sky blue architectural finish on a cast aluminum and stainless steel housing paired with our natural linen-color cotton covered cord with patented burnt orange X pattern. The comforting pastel colors of Martha help to make any space feel relaxing and easy like the weekend while the Extō works hard to put electricity wherever you need it.

At the beginning we knew two things: 1) We were tired of poorly designed, hideous power strips, and 2) 97% of electrical accessories are manufactured overseas. So we sought to design the best power products in the world, while manufacturing them right here in the United States of America. Today our Extō line is sold throughout several countries to people doing amazing things everywhere: Creators, builders, dreamers, and doers.

Each one of our products is designed to make access to electricity easy and enjoyable, solving problems caused by basic plastic power strips: The Extō line of extension cords are made of cast aluminum and stainless steel designed to be heavy so power will stay where you need it, even with sockets full of plugs. The metal housing also resists fire so they can be safer than plastic strips. The Extō is the only extension cord we know of with internal tamper resistant gates in the outlets, helping prevent shock for better kid-safety. Hand-built in our family owned factory in Los Angeles, our patented Extōs are safer and more attractive than most power cords. Finished in a variety of powder-coated colors and paired with industrial-quality wire overbraided with American cotton thread in attractive patterns, the Extō power cords are more friendly and functional than any power strip in history.

The wire is custom made to be more flexible so it drapes over the edge of a desk and around corners more easily. Fewer kinks and easier handling means better power without a struggle. The patterned woven cotton covering is made in our factory on machines designed almost 100 years ago. The round barrel plug at the end is over-sized rubber for easier grip, and avoids the strain issues caused by right-angle plugs (note: Right Angle plugs are available as a custom option by request). The cord is FT-2 Flame tested with good results.  

The outlets face upwards for easy plug/unplug and for use with accessories such as the lamp conversion kit. The ornamental inserts in each Extō+2 are made of silicone or natural cork placed at the cord inlet and the opposite side of the housing to break up the surface plane while adding balance and visual elegance. We also love the materials for their simplicity, texture, and variation. Some people see a reference to Wabi Sabi, which is intentional. 

Non-slip, non-marking polyurethane feet keep the Extō in place on a table, counter or other hard surface. The cover is secured with a stainless machine bolt.

Extōs also have four mounting holes on the underside. They can be fix-mounted to almost any surface or the underside of furniture with self-tapping screws (not included).

Every Extō is guaranteed against manufacturing defects, and thanks to our assembly design, we can repair or replace any component on your Extō throughout its entire life, keeping waste to a minimum, and the product is mostly recyclable so you can rest easily knowing nothing will end up in a landfill.


+ Available in 6' or 12' length (custom length by request)

+ 14AWG 3-conductor cord rated to maximum 1875 Watts (15AMP)

+ 3-brass-prong, large diameter rubber plug

+ Grounded cast-aluminum housing and stainless steel cover

+ Dual tamper-resistant outlets Made in the USA

+ Polyurethane feet are slip-resistant and non-marking

+ Packaging is plastic-free corrugated cardboard for recyclability and reduced waste

+ FT-2 Flame Test With Good Results

Every Extō is made in the USA with some imported components and is intended for use indoors with small appliances. If you're not sure which cord rating you need, please consult a professional

Patented & Patents Pending

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Customer Reviews

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Love it. Study. Retro. Adds a cool look to the room.


After a long wait, I found out that the colour I ordered wasn’t in stock. So we agreed on the mint instead. What finally arrived… was pink. Not even close to what I ordered or asked for. When I messaged asking why the mix up I got no response.

Can’t really recommend, this was not ideal service.

Hello and thanks for your review. I looked up your order #24761 and we contacted you about the color being out of stock your reply over email was as follows:
"Mint or Pink is great.
Not as fussy about the cord, I just don’t like red.
So a pink unit was sent. We then received an email from you after you received it stating you didn't order pink and wanted Mint. It appears this was just a miscommunication. We would be happy to exchange the unit for you if you like, you can just send the pink unit back and we will replace it with the original Martha Blue color you ordered which are currently in stock :)


Awesome American made, well made! I love this.


The product is beautiful it really is. I wish I could say the same about the customer service. I ordered thru the shop app. It's seriously needs improvments and clearity. Out of the near 2 months I ordered my item I chucked it up as a lost. In the end it came, Im happy with the item itself. I'm wanting one more item to match but this experience might have me looking elsewhere.

hi Kylin, your order shipped about 2.5 weeks after your order which is within the 2-4 week production lead time required for all orders. As a factory everything is hand made from start to finish and that takes time. In the age of Amazon culture we know people aren't used to ordering from factories but we hope that the quality of our products is evident in what you received and worth the wait in the future should you decide to order again :)