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Extō Smart Chip USB Collection

Carrara Brass Exto Smart USBC at the Hotel Havana, San Antonio, Texas

New Extō Smart USBC


+ Smart Chip Intellicharging

+ Power 4 Devices At Once

+ Type 3 Surge Protected

+ Shock-Block Tamper Resistant

+ 15AMP/120V/1875W Max Output

For USB and USBC Type Cables

Welcome to the future. The New Extō Smart USBA/USBC and Dual USBC power cords use IC smart chip technology combined with higher voltage to identify the connected device through EDID and deliver the proper voltage to charge up to 59% faster than other USB charging saving you hours of time per charge - technology included in our Extō Smart USB Type C™ Surge 900, and JAX Touch Smart Task Lamps. Our new DUAL USBC models now also deliver more watts to power laptops and higher power devices. Unlike other basic USB chargers, each Extō USBC includes a Type 3 Surge Protection Device (SPD) for basic surge protection while the Extō Surge 900 Smart USBC contains 2 internal Surge Protection fuses for advanced Type 3 surge protection and relocatable power tap capability. Select a product for full technical specifications.