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Extō Smart Chip USB/USBC Collection

Every Extō Smart USB/USBC is made of a heavy fire-resistant cast aluminum and stainless steel shell powder coated a variety of colors connected to PVC-free 3C-14AWG flexible power cord covered with a 100% cotton braid eliminating synthetic microplastics. Extō Smart USB power cords use IC smart chip technology to identify the connected device and charge up to 33% faster for USB and up to 59% faster for our USB Type C power cords - technology included in our Extō Smart USB, Extō Smart USB Type C™ Surge 900, and JAX Touch Smart USB/USBC Task Lamps. Each USB/USBC product includes a Type 3 Surge Protection Device (SPD) for basic surge protection while the Extō Surge 900 Smart USBC relocatable power tap contains 2 internal Surge Protection circuits for advanced Type 3 surge protection exceeding 1300J. Select a product for full details. CSA listed to harmonized CSA/UL/ETL standards for safety and commercial applications. Every Extō is mountable with the addition of a mounting plate. Product is upgradeable, components are recyclable and replaceable. Backed by a limited 5-year manufacturing warranty for sustainable power.