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New! Extō USBC Carrara Black & Brass - The First Smart Charging USB Type C® Power Extension - USBC Dual-Outlet 15AMP Power Cord

The Extō USB Type C® Better, Faster, Stronger, Smarter Power Extension

Carrara Black & Brass - Matte Black With Solid Brass Components

Modern Power Cord • Charge USB/USBC Devices • Power 120V Appliances

The Extō USBC is a time-saving (up to 3X faster than wireless / saves 2+hrs per charge), surge-protector, smart-chip-charging, USB/USBC, 120V plug, shock-blocked™, battery-protecting, fire-resistant, 2.4lb powder-coated cast aluminum and steel power supply on a 14awg PVC-free rubberized 3-conductor power cord overbraided with anti-microplastic cotton thread.

 The Extō USB Type C® could be the first power cord you may ever love and the last power cord you may ever need.

Introducing The Surge-Protected Extō Smart USB Type C® - a smarter solution for powering anything with direc-plug convenience to charge your electronic accessories.

Smart Chip Technology

The New Extō Smart USB Type C® charges up to 59% faster than standard USB ports saving hours of waiting time. The smart chip communicates with your device to throttle optimal charging power and increase charging speed while protecting the device battery from voltage wear and excess heat. Once your device is charged, our Smart USB and USB C ports automatically shut off to avoid excess battery wear and protect the performance of your device.


USBC cords have smaller connectors that can be inserted in any orientation, and they push more power for faster charging than USB. Our Extō Smart USB Type C® has a single Smart USBC port to be used with USB Type C® devices and also has our standard Smart USB port for legacy device charging so you can charge new and older devices at the same time.

The Extō Smart Chip USB Type C® patented All-Device™ layout even lets you charge all your devices at once. It can hold two standard plugs (or a plug and a bulb socket) and both USB cords.

Need more power? Try the Extō Surge 900 Smart USBC

Surge Protection

The entire device is backup-protected with a Type 3 SPD (Surge Protective Device) to keep USB-connected devices safer while also reducing the risk of surge damage caused to appliances plugged into the power outlets. Under a surge, the surge protector will disable the voltage flowing to any of the power ports to keep your home, and your appliances, safer.


  • The First Smart Chip USB Type C® Extension Cord
  • 3AMP Smart USB Type C® Power Port
  • 2.8AMP Smart USBA Power Port
  • Dual grounded outlets with 15AMP Max power delivery
  • Type 3 Surge Protective Device for non-lightning surge protection
  • Two 3-prong, Tamper-Resistant 125V outlets are kid-safer
  • Oversized rubber-covered plug for easier grip; 90Deg plug optional
  • 2.5LB weight stays where you place it - no more flip-flopping power strip
  • Urethane feet are no-scratch and prevent slipping on hard surfaces
  • Four underside mounting holes can be used to fix-mount the Extō Smart USB to almost any surface with self-tapping screws (sold separately)
  • Cotton covered PVC- Free electrical cord is overbraided in our factory on legacy machines
  • The PVC-free 15-AMP cord is long enough to reach the center of most rooms and
  • Can be converted to a lamp with a direct-plug bulb socket
  • Every part is finished to the highest standard in a 5 step QC process.
  • Unique serial ID plate tracks manufacturing & warranty for every Extō
  • Packaging is corrugate cardboard without plastic: fully recyclable and degradable if thrown away
  • We use powder coating instead of paint to reduce VOC’s
  • Every Extō is repairable or replaceable throughout the life of the product
  • 5-year component warranty
  • Lifetime surge repair (with limited replacement cost)

Technical Specifications

  • CSA Listed
  • FT-2 Flame Test with good results
  • 8-foot, cotton-covered industrial power cord
  • 3-brass-prong grounded plug for optimal power performance
  • Combination Duplex Receptacle/Outlet and USB/USBC Charger. 15 Amp, 125 Volt, Tamper Resistant, NEMA 5-15R. 2.4AMPs, 5VDC, 2.0 Type A USB Port, 3AMPs, 5V DC, 3.0 Type C® USB Port
  • Indoor use only - please follow directions on the power cord warning label attached to each unit; for use with appliances max 15AMP/1875Watt

 Every Extō is intended for indoor (dry) use. If you're not sure which cord rating you need, please consult a professional.

Patented and Patents Pending


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew Broadfoot
Beautifully and Durably Executed

I commissioned two of these and I will probably commission two more. Absolutely love them!


These are just the best power supplies, sturdy, and beautiful enough to be visible. The usb connections just make sense in the cell phone age.


Quality of the product is fine, but service is terrible. Production took twice as long as indicated on website and multiple emails were met without a response.

Hello and thank you for your business. We don't have a record of receiving any email from you, which may mean they went to spam, but in the future customer service is most easily reached by phone at the number on our site if you have questions about an order. Your order was delivered by FedEx Express 2-day service which took 2 weeks after it was picked up from our factory so the FedEx delay was part of the problem, but we are also a factory and occasionally we do have production delays in which case we always offer to change colors or items to process your order more quickly.


Took months for the product to arrive (said 2-3 weeks in the listing). One of the outlets I ordered didn’t work (which the sent a new one rather quick). Significantly over priced for what you get though. Really wish I returned them.

Every order produced in our factory goes through the following process: raw aluminum is cast by a US vendor, sent to us where the surface is sanded smooth and sent out to a metal coating vendor along with the cover plates made by a metal-stamping-vendor in the USA, then our special PVC free cord is braided on our (very expensive) braiding machine with custom-dyed 100% cotton thread after which it is inspected, measured and cut before being hand stripped, terminated and tested. The other electrical components are then prepped (including the circuit boards and components), and the unit is assembled by hand before it is final-inspected, tested for voltage continuity, packaged (in an American Made custom box) and shipped to you. Everything is made by American workers using mostly American supply chains where we can. We understand the culture of Amazon and container loads of cheap items from overseas, but what you received is of the highest quality available in the USA and worth even more.


Took a long time to arrive and company wasn’t responding when I contacted them