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You have to feel it to believe it. FADE Infinite Dimming is the smoothest innovation in lighting control by Conway Electric. Our goal was to make interacting with our lamps fun so FADE converts familiar scrolling action into an analog form to present the user with an enjoyable, satisfying, responsive interface that feels great. FADE is an ip-pending scrolling dimmer lighting control interface featuring full dimming capability from 0-100%. Paired with our exclusive 3335 FLICKER-FREE 60W LED bulb, the FLICKER-FREE FADE system is the most reliable dimming control we've ever engineered.
•   Solid brass or aluminum heavy scrolling dimmer wheel (depending on lamp model) with smooth rotation
•   Redwing leather or Vegan (synthetic) leather face
•   Compatible with any dimmable E26 bulb up to 150W (incandescent bulbs are compatible but not recommended due to heat output)
•   Scroll to On/Off - Auditory click indicates power on/off
•   IP pending
•   Note: depending on bulb power the dimmer wheel click on/off indicates power on/off. Some bulbs will only need a few rotations, other more powerful bulbs may require more rotations for dimming on/off control. Simply scroll to on/off.


Throw light, not shade: Our new PERFECT SHADE removable conical shade is made of translucent-backed linen and was designed over the course of 3 months of trial and testing resulting in optimal angles for perfect light diffusion and aesthetic presence in any space. The shade angle matches the riser tube angle for visual balance. The PERFECT SHADE is attached to a removable brass harp with a brass finial.



specifications & Measurements

Bare, naked, vulnerable, and exposed, the RAW METAL EUGENE table lamp is an uncoated case study of aluminum, brass, leather and steel with a rubberized / stainless braided cord. It's our work laid open for all to see and appreciate, complete with tooling and production marks visible for those who appreciate the true process of manufacturing. Indivisble from the elements, the RAW METAL EUGENE lamp is designed to patina over time - it will earn its character through rust, oxidation and wear, similar to COR-TEN, and life itself. Each RAW lamp is unique and numbered by hand, further evidence of the more than 25 hands that touch each lamp during it's production process. Returns of any RAW item are not accepted except for repair. Covered by our 5-year factory warranty against manufacturing defects. Available only with DUAL 36W+ PD USBC.

•   5in wide x 7.5in long (base) x 21in tall (including shade)
•   17in wide x 9in tall linen shade
•   Leather (or vegan leather) and brass FADE control
•   Solid bent, angled-neck centers gravity for perfect balance
•   Ceramic E26 medium base socket for bulbs up to 100W
•   Includes the Conway Electric Exclusive "3335" Flicker-Free frosted 60W LED bulb (replaceable)
•   Shade tilts for light diffusion adjustments
•   DUAL USBC Power Delivery 36W+ for laptop charging (choice in dropdown menu)
•   USBC is 5.8AMP Smart Chip controlled with integrated surge protection
•   USBC Smart Chip detects attached device: charges optimally & protects battery
•   Two 3-prong, Tamper-Resistant 125V outlets help prevent shock; safer for kids
•   Threaded, chaumfered, brass inserts are hand turned from solid uncoated brass
•   Brass will patina over time (intentional design) but can be polished to shine
•   Urethane feet are no-scratch and prevent slipping on hard surfaces
•   Every part is finished to the highest standard in a 5 step QC process
•   Cover secured with four custom brass socket-head machine bolts for refined industrial detail
•   ID plate with unique serial number and location of manufacture is affixed to the bottom of every EUGENE lamp
•   Cotton covered wire is made in our USA factory and is FT-2 tested with good results

3335: OUR EXCLUSIVE 10-year flicker-free led BULB

Conway Electric's 3335 60W LED frosted 2700K bulb is the first of its kind we know of that has the performance and quality closest to incandescent bulbs. We wrapped the 6W elements in a frosted globe for soft light diffusion removing the harsh brightness of most LED bulbs, while utilizing a circuit platform that evenly converts inbound power to lower voltage used by the diodes. Our bulb is designed at 2700K color temperature for less eye strain. Although we think we've come up with the best bulb in the entire lighting industry. Unlike other LED lamps with fixed illumination, we use an E26 base so you can change or replace the bulb any time with any E26 screw-in bulb you choose.
•   125V FLICKER-FREE dimmable
•   Frosted glass globe for even light diffusion
•   6W power consumption / 60W incandescent equivalent
•   2700K color temperature. On the Kelvin scale a lower number is warmer/yellow and higher number is cooler/whiter. 2700K is a softer color for easier reading and less eye strain/fatigue
•   Rated for 10 year life
•   E26 base for use with any standard size socket
•   Compact A15 low-profile size to fit our JAX or Fremont Pendant shades

power rating, smart chip, battery protection

Lithium batteries found in most wireless devices (phones, tablets, laptops, headphones, etc) can decay over time but their life can be extended, and they will charge faster, if the charging voltage is properly managed. This is what Conway Electric Smart Chip technology does. Like warming up before a competition, lithium batteries charge faster and decay more slowly if they are sent a low voltage first, folowed by a higher voltage with voltage throttling up to its maximum. Throttling voltage also charges batteries faster. The Smart chip technology in every Conway Electric USB or USBC product identifies the connected device using EDID technology and throttles the voltage to the battery (starting with a 10% power delivery and rapidly increasing after the warmup phasew hich reduces battery stress, helps extend the life of the device, and charges batteries up to 500% faster than wireless or other USB charging methods. This technology works in coordination with mobile device manufacturers integrated technologies, too, offering additional protection and layers of charging capability.
•   DUAL USBC Power Delivery 36W+ for laptop charging (choice in dropdown menu)
•   USBC is 5.8AMP Smart Chip controlled with integrated surge protection
•   USBC ports detect the device and send the fastest charge using integrated smart chip technology with 10-100% power
•   Smart Chip tech uses EDID to identify the attached device and send the fastest charge
•   Once fully charged the smart chip reduces voltage to a 1% trickle which prevents the device charge indicator from buzzing on and off while keeping the battery topped off

surge protection

  • 440 Joule Type III Surge Protection Included for basic integrated device protection in any USB/USBC model
  • If a power surge occurs it will disable the USB ports; the module is replaceable

5 year factory warranty

All Conway Electric products are covered under a 5-year limited factory warranty for manufacturing defects. Please read the full warranty here.

Full Room Illumination, Even and Flicker-Free Light Diffusion, Full Surge-Protected Power

The NEW EUGENE FADE Smart Charging Surge-Protected USBC table lamp is designed for full room illumination with 0-100% dimming capability using the new FADE INFINITE DIMMING light control. Combining light, power, and portability into each design minimizes clutter while providing accessible, beautiful electricity and rapid device charging with optional full power USBC laptop charging power (36W+PD - Dual USBC model) with surge protection. Whether charging from your couch, reading in bed or working at your desk, EUGENE is the perfect table lamp for the job.

Integrating traditional materials with advanced technology we create better experience through design. Mirroring our JAX® platform the EUGENE cantilevered tube hangs in suspense over the cast-aluminum and stamped steel base inspired by the use of cantilevers in the bridge and building architecture of H. Gerber and Frank Lloyd Wright, and commonly seen in the hills above Eugene, Oregon. Combining timeless design with modern technology we provide power and lighting for a lifetime of use.

FADE is the newest ip-pending scrolling dimmer design featuring full dimming capability from 0-100% and includes our exclusive new FLICKER-FREE frosted LED 60W bulb that takes the pain out of LED illumination eliminating flicker and providing even, toned light for day and night.

Inside the EUGENE FADE platform we innovated the idea of a rotary dimmer by leveraging a heavy machined brass rotary wheel orienting it vertically to provide controlled dimming capability through scrolling, reducing the exposed switch surface while offering a rapid and satisfying tactile interaction with the light control providing infinite dimming capability for a friendly, quiet and convenient user interface you'll want to touch.

Made with the best materials we could find, there is no other lamp like the EUGENE lamp for power, light, design and sustainability. The shell of the EUGENE is cast aluminum and stamped steel. Components are machined aluminum and brass, bent/and spun steel, leather, with a ceramic E26 bulb socket so you never have to replace the lamp if the bulb dies (you can just replace the bulb, but the bulb is rated to 10 years of use). The function of lasting quality married to timeless, modern form reflects our reverence for using the finest materials.

Our new PERFECT SHADE removable conical shade is made of translucent-backed linen and was designed over the course of 3 months of trial and testing resulting in optimal angles for perfect light diffusion and aesthetic presence in any space. The shade angle matches the riser tube angle for visual balance. The PERFECT SHADE is attached to a removable brass harp with a brass finial.

We source parts from manufacturers in small towns across the country to support jobs where they need it most including leather from Redwing, Minnesota, components from Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and the East Coast to support jobs in places that need it most. Wire braiding, termination, finishing and hand-assembly is done in our factory in Los Angeles. We use local powder coating facilities to color coat each part.

Like all our other products, the EUGENE table lamp is designed for a lifetime of use but can be repaired, upgraded, or components replaced throughout its entire life so you never have to throw it away.

Six foot 14AWG cord rated to 15AMPS. Made in USA with a mix of USA and imported components. Each unit is hand assembled in our Los Angeles factory with a unique serial number.

*Lead time is typically 2-4 weeks and can vary depending on factory load and component availability. Please include a note with your order, or email howdy@conwaygoods.com with you order number if you need faster delivery. Email or call to check order status any time.