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Conway Electric - Made In The USA

Our Sourcing and Manufacturing Process

Like many things we started small with a single idea. From the beginning we have sought to make unique products of uncompromising quality in the USA. This has been no small task since much of the electrical industry went overseas years ago. This means we have a lot of work to do to bring it back. Our goal is to eliminate imported components by 2016, making all of our products here in the United States and we want you to follow along. This is our process explained.




We seek the highest quality for each component. We work directly with wire manufacturers in the USA and Canada who manufacture wire to our specifications. Our wire is fillerless, 14, 16 and 18 AWG of SJT and SVT types (SJTOOW, SJTOW, low durometer SVT). We choose these types of wire for their inherent flexibility, reduced waste during production, and supple feel. If you compare our wire to those found in hardware stores, you will see that ours is easier to handle and rated to harsher conditions. 


Woven Thread Covering

We created an exclusive relationship with a 50 year old, traditional, family-owned company in the United States (they don't even have a website so we had to call and visit them) to custom weave any pattern over our wire. We ship wire straight from the manufacturing facility to here, where it is pulled into machines like this one, a 50 year-old cast iron ingenuity. 23 different colors of thread from Southeastern USA suppliers is loaded onto the machines and woven over the wire into spools of 500ft at a time, typically running 1,000 or more feet of wire per hour, in one of more than 25 current cover patterns.


Powder Coating

As the wire is being manufactured and cover woven, our proprietary housings, modified for UL compliance, are powder coated in a facility near Seattle, Washington. Our components are hung on metal hangers. Electrically charged "powder" (a tiny-grained thermoset or thermoplastic material) is sprayed onto the surface and put through an oven. The powder melts and bonds to the metal creating a stronger coating than paint or enamel that is less prone to flaking or chipping.


Final Assembly

Once components from over 20 sources are complete and delivered to our assembly facility on the North Shore of Lake Union in Seattle, our production line takes over. They prep the boxes, cut, strip and terminate the wire adding a hand-assembled plug to one end. They connect wire terminals to the outlets within each box and ground the wiring to the housing. The units are closed with a stainless flat head machine bolt prior to testing, cleaning and packaging.



Making anything is hard. We are told we could save 40% by going overseas, but we have to ask "Why?"  In today's day and age, we are not content with starting a business if it's only about dollars and cents. America lead the world in manufacturing until not too long ago. We can do it again, starting here. By purchasing one of our products you are supporting an American Made small business. You are supporting friends and neighbors and providing a future to those in need. You are getting the best quality we can produce while creating new opportunities along the way. Supporting us means supporting the future of our country.