Welcome to The Conway Electric Store shop a collection below or call us for assistance: 310-498-8514. every order is produced by our small U.S factory and can take 2-3 weeks to ship. your patience is appreciated.

Shipping Policy


Thanks for visiting conwaygoods.com the web store for Conway Electric LLC, a boutique family-owned US factory producing what we believe to be the best power cords and lighting in the world.

Here's how shipping works:

When you submit an order you'll receive an automated order confirmation with your order details and your order number is in the subject line of that email - you can use this order number or the recipient's name to check the order status any time.

We receive your order and if the product is in stock we will ship your order as soon as we can, but in the face of supply chain disruption and factory staffing shortages, most orders have to go through our factory production process.

For the above reasons, due to demand, and the balance of commercial, wholesale and direct orders, all orders ship in 34 weeks from the date of purchase - if you need your order more quickly please contact us right away (with a good reason:) ) to see if our factory can expedite your order.

We will ship to any country adhering to the North American Electric Code (120v standard), typically the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Standard Shipping

We use these services for shipping:

Single Unit Orders - USPS priority, FedEx Express, UPS, or DHL Express

Multi-Unit Orders - USPS, FedEx Ground/Home, UPS Ground or DHL Express

Bulk/Commercial Orders - FedEx Ground, UPS Ground, or LTL

Urgent orders can be expedited for the additional cost of express/expedited shipping.

We offer signature service at no additional charge on any order for which security is a concern to you, and recommend signature service in urban areas where packages are left exposed or visible to street traffic.

We suggest that you have your order delivered to an address where someone will be present to sign for the delivery. If the delivery address is unattended, carriers will leave a notification with either pickup or redelivery information; most carriers will attempt to redeliver on the next business day. If noone is available to sign for your package the package will be returned to us. We are happy to resend your order, but we may ask you to pay an additional shipping fee to offset the additional cost of shipping - most importantly we want you to receive what you ordered and will do our best to help.

The delivery times provided by Conway Electric are estimates only - we are a boutique factory hand-assembling every product we ship. We are not a big brand making gazillions of things overseas shipped bulk to a boring warehouse, so that means sometimes it takes longer than we prefer but we will always ship your order or offer you an alternative solution. Your patience is so appreciated especially in today's world of instant gratification - we know our goods are worth the wait - and we really appreciate your support.

Our products are usually too large to be delivered to post office boxes; street addresses preferred.

In the event that multiple items are ordered, part deliveries may be made where stock is not available. All reasonable attempts to notify you will be made using your contact information on your order.

Please ensure you enter the correct delivery address. Though we understand mistakes, Conway Electric can't be held responsible for incorrectly entered delivery addresses.

Delays, Loss, Damage (Sadly It Happens But This Is How To Handle It)

Conway Electric isn't responsible for late deliveries, loss or damage relating to deliveries since that is the carrier's responsibility.

First - Contact the carrier

Contact the carrier with your tracking number and tell them your package is missing or that you received a delivery notice but didn't receive your item - they will typically open an investigation or call the driver and the sooner this happens the better. 

FedEx - 1-800-663-3339

UPS - 1-800-742-5877

DHL Express - 1-800-225-5345

USPS Go To This Link- https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm

Second - Contact Us (Conway Electric)

Email us howdy@conwaygoods.com or call us and let us know you have an issue 310-498-8514. 

Estimated Cost

We charge for shipping but that shipping charge is capped on orders of $250 or more, so the more you order the less you pay in shipping. If you're nerdy like us and you read through this policy because you like details, you can dm us on social media or through our web chat app to receive a free shipping using the secret phrase "can I have free shipping?" Are you a Canada customer? Message us over social media dm or the chat function with the secret phrase "send power to Canada" and you'll get a special code too.

Why do we charge for shipping?

Our products weigh up to 4.75 pounds each and shipping is very expensive. Our shipping fee offsets only a portion of shipping cost.

The shipping cost is shown in your shopping cart before you place your order. If you have trouble just hit us up in the chat app and we'll help.


Lead Times

If in stock, your order will usually dispatch within five business days from date of payment.

Where items are not in stock, or need to be produced in our factory there there is a lead time up to approximately 4 weeks.

Checking Order Status

You can respond to your order confirmation (preferred), email howdy@conwaygoods.com directly with your name and/or order number, or call us at 310-498-8514 to check your order status.


International Shipments

International shipments do not include local duties or taxes charged by your country. We do not have the ability to calculate or remit duties to international locales. You may be contacted by the carrier to pay import duties or taxes. We do apologize for this inconvenience but if you read above we do offer a cost offset option for Canada customers.


That's about it. Let us know if you have questions and thanks again for being awesome.