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About Us

Most extension cords and electrical wires are inconvenient, unsafe and unattractive.

I started Conway Electric in December, 2012 while working for a technology company. In my spare time I built a floor lamp of poured concrete and welded steel and I needed a nice extension cord to run power across a large room to the lamp.

Despite searching online and in every local hardware store, I found the same sh...stuff. You know those cheap plastic power strips. Ugly.  Inconvenient. Poorly functioning. What a shame. I didn't want those in my home and I don't think anyone else does either, but what else was there? I decided right then and there to leverage my experience launching products for other companies to create a better power cord. A cord that respected the power of electricity. Electricity is, after all, the OG of technology.

After over 200 phone calls I pieced together resources from mostly small American factories providing everything from stamped stainless steel to some of our electrical sockets. We were able to build a fire resistant product while retaining inherent beauty in the materials used. We covered the metal housings with VOC-free powder coating for a colorful finish, we were the first company to overbraid PVC-Free higher voltage power cord with American cotton thread, and received the first certification listing along with several patents. Finally, after a lot of blood, sweat, and many tears, we launched the first power cords of their kind, combining safety with design in products meant for a lifetime of use, built in our own factory by local people.

I'm proud that we were first. Now, more than 5 years after launch, we have over 65 products including smart-charging surge-protected cords and lighting, made right here in our Los Angeles factory with help from over 25 American suppliers and we've been granted more than 9 patents by the USPTO recognizing our original work.

Every Extō is made in a production line by hand using cast aluminum, stainless steel, less toxic pvc-free power cord, American cotton thread, and ornamental elements inspired by wabi-sabi including cork and silicone. We source as much as possible from US suppliers and try to give back to the community to continue rebuilding American manufacturing.

Why did I devote my life to building better extension cords?

I've helped companies like Nike optimize their American manufacturing processes, and helped grow other people's ideas into thriving businesses like Yakima Car Racks and RealD 3D technology.  I hoped that if we could get American workers to build higher-quality power cords and lighting of the best materials we could find, people (like you) who share our values of honest quality and work would show up to support us and in return we would warranty our products against defects while providing the best customer service we're capable of, so you could put your trust in everything we do.

I believe we build the best power products in the United States on the values of quality, materials, and workmanship - a combination of art and electricity, working hard every day to get better.

Every time you buy one of our products you contribute to more than 20 American companies and employment of American workers making living wages. We want success to be a shared experience.

I hope we bring joy into your home or office with safer, more practical, higher quality electric accessories you can count on to be more convenient, more attractive and more fun to use. So you can love your electricity again.

I can't wait to share more of our ideas with you. Thank You for your support we'd love to hear from you any time.

Power To The People


Kevin Faul

Founder, Conway Electric, LLC

p.s. Have something to say? email kevin@conwaygoods.com

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