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Modern Extension Cords by Conway Electric? - About Us

 Most extension cords and electrical wires are inconvenient, unsafe and unattractive.

I started Conway Electric in December, 2012 while working for a technology company. In my spare time I designed and built furniture. The a-ha moment came after building a floor lamp. It's a modern concrete and welded-steel design and I needed a long extension cord for power. When I searched, I found nothing interesting.

I went to every hardware store in Boulder, and looked online but couldn't find an attractive cord. I found the same cheap, ugly, dysfunctional cords we've been using for years.

I knew something better could be made and that's when I created the first prototype Extō. I found a company that could make braided cloth cord because I was in love with the feel of cotton and the mixture of colors. After considering how to make a more attractive, safer, power cord I put together a metal enclosure with a powder coated finish because powder coating is less toxic than paint and metal resists fire. You'll find cork in some products and plastic-free packaging because natural materials are inspiring and I wanted our packaging to be recyclable or biodegradable.

Technically speaking, I'm proud that we're the first company to make cloth covered wire achieving certification listing in the United States and other countries.

We're also the first company in the world to use braided cloth cord for a multi-outlet extension cords, and today we braid the wire in our Los Angeles factory where ever Extō is made in a production line by hand.

Why did I devote my life to building a better extension cord?

I helped launch over 150 new products, helped companies like Nike optimize their American manufacturing processes, and helped grow small ideas into big ideas. 97% of electrical accessory jobs were lost overseas, and the extension cord products on the market are dangerous and hideous. Starting Conway Electric was my vision to create a safer, more functional, more attractive power solution that would bring power to people who need it. Quite simply, it's something I believe in with my heart and soul.

Our products are made as much as possible in our factory. We believe the best way to have the greatest impact, and to achieve the highest quality, is to keep work here. This is why we filed many patents on our ideas and derivatives- to protect our business so we can continue growing and hiring more American workers.

Every time you buy one of our products you contribute to nearly 20 American companies and employment of more than 7 direct jobs that pay living wages. We want success to be a shared experience.

I hope we bring joy into your home or office with safer, more practical, higher quality electric accessories you can count on to be more convenient, more attractive and more fun to use.

I can't wait to share more of our ideas and inventions with you.
Thank You for your support and encouragement - we'd love to hear from you any time.

Power To The People


Kevin Faul

Founder, Conway Electric, LLC

p.s. Have something to say? email kevin@conwaygoods.com

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