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New! The First Smart Chip USB Type C® Ouija Beige/Purple Extension Cord - 8' Extō USBA/USBC Port, Dual-Outlet Power Cord

The Extō USB Type C® Better, Faster, Stronger, Smarter Power Extension for Appliances and USBA/USBC Electronics Up to 15AMPs

Modern Power Cord • Charge USB/USBC Devices • Power 120V/15AMP Appliances • Surge Protected • Now Also Available in Dual USBC (USBC/C 36W)

(Matte) Beige with Purple and White X Patented Patterned Cord
The Ouija Beige Extō is inspired by street artists. The matte-beige with contrasting purple cord was chosen to pop based on art from Seattle and Milwaukee. The bold purple cord puts style and fun in your space without overwhelming the eye. This piece of electrical art delivers the power you need using modern technology so you never have to hide your cord.

CSA Listed to harmonized CSA/ETL/UL certification for power cords

Need a 90degree (flat) plug? Just type “FLAT PLUG” in the note section when you place your order


The Extō USBC is a time-saving (up to 3X faster than wireless / saves 2+hrs per charge), surge-protector, smart-chip-charging, USB/USBC, 120V plug, shock-blocked™, battery-protecting, fire-resistant, grounded, 2+lb powder-coated cast aluminum and steel power supply on a 14awg PVC-free rubberized 3-conductor power cord overbraided with anti-microplastic 100% cotton thread. It’s the closest thing to electrical perfection as we’ve come yet.

The Extō USB Type C® could be the first power cord you ever love and the last power cord you ever need.

Need permanent power? Try the Extō Surge 900 Smart USBC


The New Extō Smart USB Type C® charges up to 59% faster than standard USB ports or up to 5X faster than wireless saving hours of waiting time. The smart chip communicates with your device to throttle optimal charging power and increase charging speed while protecting the device battery from voltage wear and excess heat. Once your device is charged, our Smart USB and USB C ports automatically shut off to avoid excess battery wear and protect the performance of your device.


Your device can live longer. Smart chip charging regulation gently supplies voltage to your device battery as voltage ramps up reducing battery fatigue that can decay battery power retention over time. Once the EDID communication from the device indicates the battery is ready to receive full voltage, the USB/USBC ports will maximize the voltage and charging speed. Like warming up before a game, this maximizes charging performance while minimizing wear and excess heat in your device. Once your device is charged, our Smart USB and USB C ports automatically shut off to avoid additional battery wear which protects the performance of your device that can extend its useful life by years with minimal battery decay.


The entire device is backup-protected with a Type 3 SPD (Surge Protective Device) to keep USB-connected devices safer while also reducing the risk of surge damage caused to devices plugged into the power outlets. Under a surge, the surge protector will disable the voltage flowing to any of the power ports to keep your home, and your appliances, safer.


The First Smart Chip USB Type C® Extension Cord

Dual grounded outlets with 15AMP Max power delivery

Type 3 Surge Protective Device for non-lightning surge protection

Two 3-prong, Tamper-Resistant 125V outlets are kid-safer

Oversized rubber-covered plug for easier grip


  • USBA/C or 36W+ Power Delivery USBC/C
  • CSA Listed
  • 2.8AMP Type A USB Port
  • 3.0AMP Type C® USB Port
  • UL FT-2 Flame Test with good results
  • PVC-Free Industrial Rated Power Cord
  • 100% Patterned-Cotton Overbraid
  • 3-brass-prong grounded plug for optimal power performance
  • Combination 2XReceptacle + USB/USBC Ports. 15 AMP/1875W, 125 Volt, Tamper Resistant, NEMA 5-15R
  • Indoor use only - please follow guidance on warning label
  • Indoor (dry) use only
  • If you're not sure which cord rating you need, please consult a professional
  • Patented and Patents Pending


90Deg plug by request - add request to order notes section of the shopping cart

  • 2+LB weight stays where you place it - no more flip-flopping power strip
  • Urethane feet are prevent slipping or scratching
  • Four underside mounting holes mount to surfaces with self-tapping screws
  • Cotton covered PVC- Free electrical cord is overbraided in our factory on legacy machines
  • Can be converted to a lamp with a direct-plug bulb socket
  • Every part is finished to the highest standard in a 5 step QC process
  • Unique serial ID plate tracks manufacturing & warranty for every Extō
  • Packaging is corrugate cardboard without plastic - reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Powder coating instead of paint reduces VOC’s
  • Every Extō is repairable or replaceable throughout the life of the product
  • 5-year component warranty
  • Lifetime surge repair (with limited replacement cost)

Every Extō is intended for indoor (dry) use. If you're not sure which cord rating you need, please consult a professional.

Patented and Patents Pending

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