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Electricity Is Dangerous: Why We Care

August 07, 2015

Electricity Is Dangerous: Why We Care

[Power strips are a leading cause of fire]

Thomas Edison paid kids to collect dogs and cats so they could be electrocuted in public.

He would electrocute them in public to show the dangers of AC current (he was advocating DC current). He lost the fight and AC current  - the dangerous kind - is what is used today (because it can be distributed over long distances).

The video below shows an elephant being electrocuted by Thomas Edison. We hate this video. 

[we decided not to post this video. you can find it on Youtube]

You could have found a better way to get your point across Mr Edison.

Point made:

Electricity is dangerous. 

As adults in the modern world, we've known this our entire lives.

Yet power strips remain one of the most dangerous items in homes around the world. Power strips are one of the top causes of house fires in the United States. 

In the design world there is an almost desperation to make electricity look better - we get it. We were first and we're proud of it.

But we see a dangerous movement toward using flammable materials in high-voltage products like extension cords at the location where the risk is the highest - around the outlets.

[this product is not ours. it looked cool but with it's dual wires twisted and un-jacketed with non-grounded outlets encased in wood, we don't think you could design a more dangerous extension cord. it's no longer available for purchase.]

We took every possible step to make the highest performing, safest products we could, that are also well designed aesthetically - easy on the eyes if you will.

The products you see from Conway Electric are not first iteration products. 

When we design we want to make things safe, strong and timeless.

This means using materials like aluminum and stainless steel - materials that don't burn under even extreme heat.

This means including safety features like tamper resistant outlets so children can't stick small objects inside and end up like Edison's elephant. 

This means using industrial quality cord made in North America - why? Because overseas they use lead as a plastic softener. Go ahead and look at the labels of new power cords made in Indonesia, China and elsewhere- you'll see a lead warning. Our cords are ROHS compliant - no lead, more resilient and safer. They use the same type of cord on oil rigs and industrial sites.

We paid thousands of dollars for Underwriters Laboratories to test our products and results of FT-2 flame tests were complete with good results. 

We were told they've never seen a small company do what we did in their testing process.

What would you rather have in your house? 

An industrial quality, safe product of timeless design, Made In America? Or would you rather buy an imported product that is not tamper resistant, will burn under the right circumstances and isn't listed by any certification agency?

We are all for progressive designs. But not when they could compromise the safety of our kids, or our homes, or are imported from cheap factories overseas (China) taking jobs away from American workers.

We take electricity seriously. That may not be the sexiest part of our company, but when we see designers compromising safety and importing products from China, we have to stand our ground and shout our message louder. 

Make sure the products you buy are tested and fully listed with a proper certification agency (not just components) and will protect the ones you love.

Made In America. Highest Quality. Tamper Resistant. Fireproof Housing. 

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