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Surge 900 Smart USBC / DUAL USBC 36W PD Permanent Relocatable Power Supply

New Extō Surge 900 USB/USBC

World's first dual-surge protected relocatable power tap with Smart Chip charging USB/C. Put permanent power wherever you need it.


*For mobile devices or sleep mode laptop charging

**Power Delivery for Full Power/In-Use Laptop Charging

+ World's First Dual In-Line Surge Protector

+ Dual LED Status (Surge/Ground) Indicators

+ 15AMP Industrial Chrome Toggle

+ 15AMP Resettable Circuit Breaker

+ 3.9lb Weight won't flop around

+ Repairable/replaceable modules

+ Fire Resistant Cast Aluminum and Steel Shell

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself.

For USB and USBC Type Cables

6-outlet, dual-surge-protected (MOV), Smart USBC charging power supply with recessed industrial on/off toggle and 15amp circuit breaker in a cast aluminum and stainless steel housing (additional EFI reduction due to Faraday Cage effect). weighing in at nearly 4lbs will stay in place on urethane feet even with 8 cords plugged in. Double protection for your devices to protect your stuff. Dual LED indicators for ground/surge protected. Noise reduction to 30dB. Includes Shock-Block tamper resistant technology to be safer around kids, preventing unwanted insertion of objects into sockets. Meets or exceeds specifications for permanent relocatable power supplies.